Union mission and governance

Tasks of the Union

A solidly established professional organization

The professional union of Eyewear Manufacturers in Jura, currently headed by Mr. JOËL THIERRY since July 2020, the CEO of THIERRY SA, is implementing innovative actions with the support of public authorities as part of a collective action program. They are investing in research and development, design and marketing and assisting companies in the French and international markets. The professional organization also represents its members in various national bodies of the profession, such as the SILMO association, GIFO, Lunettes de France, Alutec, etc.

The Viséum provides an ideal framework for the development of these initiatives and is a welcoming place for stakeholders in the sector.

A complete industry in an ultra-competitive environment

“The Lunetiers du Jura primarily bring together a range of skills in the service of French eyewear, covering all industrial and commercial professions:

  • Creation and manufacturing of optical and sun frames
  • Manufacturing of protective frames
  • Design and manufacturing of eyewear components
  • Surface treatments, decoration…
  • Manufacturing of accessories (cases, chains, promotional displays…)
  • Design and manufacturing of machines.


This network of supportive companies develops over 2,000 new product models each year in the same region, works and innovates for over 100 brands, and produces over 10 million glasses per year, half of which are exported worldwide (40% to the USA-Canada, 45% to Europe, and 10% to Asia). It works closely with the Paris and Oyonnax basins. Despite a significant decrease in its exports, France faces the challenge of increasing Asian competition associated with copies, but remains the sixth-largest global exporter of eyeglass frames.

For the Lunetiers du Jura, the future lies in introducing differentiated products to the market, based on:

  • A quality approach resulting from exceptional know-how
  • A desire to innovate in both industrial and creative fields
  • A strong brand and label policy
  • A focus on comfort and products perfectly suited to the consumer, something that low-priced competition is currently unable to provide.”

In numbers

  • The company has 977 employees.
  • Its revenue is €250 million, out of which 55% comes from export.
  • There are 29 members of the organization.


Board of directors

  • Joël THIERRY (THIERRY SA): President
  • Jérôme COLIN (OXIBIS GROUP): Honorary President
  • Jean CALAMAND (LUNETTERIE LUCAL) – Lucas GROS (FIDELA): Vice-Presidents
  • Gérard VUILLET (VUILLET-VEGA): Treasurer
  • Pierre VERRIER (CEMO)
  • Denis HOCHE (C.T.S)
  • Dider JACQUEMIN (J.V Conception)
  • Pascal BARBE (Pascal BARBE)

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