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Eyewear manufacturers of the Jura - France

Representing more than 50 companies, more than 1,000 direct and indirect jobs and producing more than 2,500,000 frames every year, the manufacturers of the French eyewear industry unite to bring out their know-how  of excellence and to reaffirm their intention of promoting the goods which are really “Made in France”.


Transmitting and promoting centuries-old Jura know-how

Manufacturers are aware that the reputation which goes with the goods produced by the French eyewear industry is a real trading asset in France as well as on the international market, thanks to the “Made in France” label.

They unfortunately notice too many improper uses of this label.

They would like the origin of the goods labelled “Made in France” to be strictly controlled so that they could give their clients and, ultimately, all the consumers, a guarantee of authenticity as regards the origin of their production.

The manufacturers of the French eyewear industry are going to work with their clients, the French Administration and the consumers in order to guarantee the authenticity of the origin of their goods and highlight their undisputed know-how through their products of excellence.


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